Colours: The power of it when it comes to home staging


Believe it or not, the choices of colours have a profound ability to influence the way that a prospective buyer may feel when they enter your home.  

Based on a psychological theory, the right colours in fact hold the power to make us feel certain moods, trigger certain decision-making ideas and other little routines throughout the day. With the potential of wrong colours making us feel stressed out, overwhelmed or worse, have us clutching tightly at our purse strings. 

To ensure you leverage the power of psychology and colour the right way, we’ve put together our top insider tips in this blog for you:

First things first - Get the base, right

Neutral colours are key to letting the features of the home take centre stage. A ‘blank canvas’ will allow for your prospective buyer’s creativity to come alive. This is important, because this invites them to imagine their own furniture and their own life taking shape in the house. 

By bringing the emotion back in to the buyer’s mind, rather than have them create a mental checklist of ‘must change’ list, it evokes this “clean slate” appeal so that they are able to easily envision how they themselves can decorate the home. 

Remember to give it some life

Too much neutral however can make a house seem impersonal and cold. Therefore infuse a bit of impactful bursts of colour that will leave a strong impression in their mind. This doesn’t need to be a full paint of the room, and can be simple selections of accessories or soft furnishings. 

Bright, sunny yellow is an instant mood booster, a happiness injection straight to their dopamine receptors! Add some energetic pillows or a bunch of bright flowers (also gives you the added bonus of subtly smelling fantastic) to give your space that added warmth and character. 

Make it feel like home

Image Credit: Right at Home Staging

Image Credit: Right at Home Staging

Cool, calming colour palettes (soothing blues and muted greys for example) bring a sense of harmony to your home. Whether it be through decor, or small touches such as cushions or paintings, use these colours to paint the ideal place for a busy, bustling business owner to come home and relax to, a sanctuary for the mum of 4 who’d kill for some quiet with her cup of tea, or a calm place for the creative-type to nurture their next big idea. 

Greenery is also conducive to this type of feel, adding some plants to your staging is refreshing and brings people back to nature. Radiating tranquility and even improving air quality, these are a subtle way to get that ‘feel good’ going, all without your buyers even knowing why.

Don't over do it

There’s a fine line between adding a pop of colour to your space and cluttering the room with too much colour. Pick an accent colour (or two if they are complementary and work well together) and use it minimally, remember our first tip - don’t overpower your neutral base. 

So there you have it!

Remember, Colour can have a huge impact on the feelings that your buyers have about your home. It is a simple (and low cost) way that can boost the value of your home, have your buyers feelin’ good from the minute they step through the door, and make your property memorable.

Jessica DwyerComment