Lighting: 4 bright staging tips for your home

Image Credit: Kit Goldsworthy | Furnished & styled by RAHS | Location: Tura Beach

Image Credit: Kit Goldsworthy | Furnished & styled by RAHS | Location: Tura Beach

Selling your home is about helping the buyer see the place as exactly what it could be: their new home. However, when it comes down to it, many sellers forget to place their home in the right light – literally.

The art of strategic lighting in a home is extremely important as, if done correctly, it has the ability to make any room bigger, breezier, and more appealing for a prospective buyer.

Light has such a significant power within any room, and can be used in many different ways. Open up a small room by washing it with soft light, or transform a narrow room by illuminating the wider sides and open up the buyer’s eyes to the possibilities!

To help, here are our 4 brightest tips when it comes to lighting:

Clean the Light Fixtures

Buyers want to come into a clean, cohesive home that has the same homey feel everywhere they turn. No one wants to see dust or old insects piled up, so make sure all the light fixtures (and ceiling fans too!) are all dusted and cleaned before any open house.

It is also worth it to try and purchase the same light bulbs with the same wattage for specific rooms. Mismatched bulbs can make a room seem a chaotic, which is the last feeling a buyer should be left with.

Ensure it is Suitable to the Demographic of Your Market

Light source and the decor of the light source forms part of the home staging, so make sure you are choosing the right lamp shades, types of lamps or lights wisely.

Opt for simplicity over extravagance, as the home is a place to be lived in, not to be admired from afar. The buyer should be able to see themselves in the house, and the right lighting choices play a huge role in that.

Image Credit: Kit Goldsworthy | Furnished & Styled by RAHS 

Image Credit: Kit Goldsworthy | Furnished & Styled by RAHS 

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting helps to stage the home in a warm and welcoming way, so to maximise the amount of natural light that comes into your space - make sure you clean your windows inside
and out. If you have any screens, clean them too. Adjust and tie back curtains, and if you have blinds, open them as far to the top as possible and tuck the cord together nicely an avoid leaving it on the ground.

Lastly, trim and manicure bushes and plants away neatly from windows to unblock that natural light from coming into the room.








We have spoken about this briefly before, but it is important that if you are lucky to have an alfresco or dining area off a long driveway, you must ensure that you have adequate lighting to illuminate it for those who are driving past and having a look at your property at night. Consider spotlights and wall lights to highlight this area.

Small simple changes can have a huge impact on your final sale. And following these tips will help your property be seen in the best light it can be – pardon the pun - and aid you to get that perfect offer!

I hope you enjoyed this months blog, 

Jess x