Winter Warmers: our 5 tips to bring "cosy" home this Winter

Image Credit: Kit Goldsworthy | Furnished & styled by RAHS | Lochiel, NSW | Kim Poso Properties 

Image Credit: Kit Goldsworthy | Furnished & styled by RAHS | Lochiel, NSW | Kim Poso Properties 

Winter is a misunderstood season. The leaves fall and the clouds form and everyone is just that little bit wistful for warmer days. 

For those in the house-selling game, a dreary day may be a nightmare for a house inspection, as when a place is cold and dark a prospective buyer may not be able to see themselves living within it. However, this is easily remedied - whenever you think of the benefits of winter you think of fireplaces, blankets and hot chocolate. It’s just so cosy and that’s what makes a place feel like it’s yours. 

So what are some simple tips to bring “cosy” home? Let’s dive in. 


Perhaps the most important element of making a space cosy is the right lighting. You stick a bright fluorescent tube up on the ceiling and nobody wants to sit underneath it and read a book in peace. 

The key with lighting is soft, warm toned light. 

Think soft lamps, pendants, fairy lights and even candlelight. The warm tones of light like this conjure up ideas of heat which in turn make us feel all warm inside – having the right lighting is essential to creating cosiness. 


Nothing creates “cosy” like warmth. If you have a fireplace, light it up. If not candles will do just as good also (but of course remember to put them out!). Alternatively if you have an Air Conditioning (AC), set it to a pleasant temperature. 

If you do decide to use the AC, make sure you give the AC unit a good clean - it’s worth it for that fresh feeling you get when you walk into a room that’s just the right temperature.

Use temperature to your advantage to create ambiance in your home. No matter the weather outside, people always want to feel cosy!

Blankets and Pillows

By placing fuzzy blankets and cushions on lounges, beds and chairs, you automatically give off the impression that the house is warm and inviting. 

A place for relaxing that is decorated with warm, soft things is a sure-fire way to up the cosy factor of any house. 


Choosing the right colours for your home, whether it be through soft furnishings, decor or pillows is another simple way to bring cosy to you. 

Colours like black and white, or cool tones like bright blues and purples can make a home feel cold. Therefore, opt for natural colours like beige, honey-toned wood and warm reds and yellows to invite a sense of warmth throughout the colder months. 



You can’t be talking all things cosy without mentioning scents – it’s almost the most important part! 

As we talked about before here, scents are a great way to get people to think of your place as a home not a house, so go to town with candles if you can (think vanilla, cinnamon and fig) or even room diffusers, oil diffusers or wall plugins. There are so many options to deliver cosy scents throughout the house!

Having a cosy home is important to surviving a brutal winter, but it will also make a prospective home buyer feel “right at home” during home inspections in these cooler months. So take these simple tips on board and turn your house into a warm and inviting home.

Jessica, Owner + Stylist at Right at Home Staging

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